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What’s Your Immovable Mountain?

We have all had a mountain at one time or another that would not move whether that mountain was a destructive habit, addiction, negative self-talk, high anxiety, financial problems, weight issues, relationship failures, physical and emotional pain, etc. Our mountain causes us to focus on IT and obsess at how awful it is to live with and how helpless we are to change. When we follow those types of thoughts about our mountain, we validate within ourselves, how helpless we are to move it. We increase its size with our focus on how immovable it appears. But, if we take the focus off the mountain and turn toward the solutions and belief systems that can actually move the mountain, we can amaze ourselves at the courage, strength and faith we uncover. If you haven’t found the courage, faith or strength to move your mountain, it’s time to talk to someone who can help you move your mountain.