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Online Virtual Therapy

Virtual therapy has become a popular therapeutic service for clients who may not be able to attend sessions in person due to scheduling conflicts and other limitations and restrictions. There are some great benefits as well as risks to virtual therapy.

It is important to understand that risks, consequences, and limitations are possible such as, but not limited to, confidentiality, clinical limitations, transmission difficulties, and the ability to respond to emergencies.

I use Skype (FREE) for my online virtual therapy sessions which include both video and audio. You can download Skype HERE!

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Some suggestions / notes:

  1. I will send you my Skype ID after we agree to meet online. Please send me your Skype ID using the form below or you can email it to me.
  2. Let's try to connect before the session to make sure our technologies can talk with each other.
  3. Turn off your cellphone and remove all other distractions to make sure our online session is very productive.

Before our first session, please download and read the following PDFs, fill out the Client Info and Consent Forms and email them back to me as an attachment at your earliest convenience:

Client Info Form (PDF) Consent Form (PDF)

Privacy Policy (PDF)

Online Therapy Request Form

Depressed man is exceedingly despondent at first encounter with virtual psychotherapist.  The man sits with his head in his hands. Black-haired glasses psychotherapist watches and hears him on monitor. She holds written message– Dont give up. Horizontal shot indoors