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Thoughts for Personal Development & Wellbeing (An Ongoing Series)

Transitions & Relationships:

There is no doubt that we are all unique, in our personalities, experiences and world view. However, one thing we all have in common is change! We experience change in our daily lives and in our relationships. Some change is welcomed and others, are not only unwelcomed, but totally unexpected. Therefore, change can be scary and seen as completely negative. Despite how you view change, the change process will happen and can throw us into a transition and transitions can be extremely distressful. According to William Bridges, the author of Transitions, change may include the following:

  • Relationships: Loss, divorce, separation, infidelity, death, marriage, & caregiving
  • Personal changes: Trauma, illness, injury, return to school, weight gain or loss, sleep changes, eating habits, anything that changes in your quality of life, good or bad
  • Home Life: Births, retirement, moving, remodeling, & anything that changes the quality of life in your home
  • Inner changes: Change in image, discover or abandon a dream, spiritual awakening, or deepening political or social awareness

Each of us has experienced a number of the above changes at one time or another in our life. It’s how we manage those changes and transitions that will pave the way for success or failure and frustration. In my next post, we will discuss ways and tools you can adopt that will help you manage those transitions and set you on a path of positive and successful experiences and new beginnings.