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Give Up or Give In

We always have choices in every situation. We may not like our choices, but they are available nonetheless. If you don’t exercise THOUGHTFUL choice, but instead react as you always have in the past, you have essentially given up on yourself. However, if you choose to think things through and work with your situation for…

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Your House

Our inner world, much like most of our homes, have different rooms we use for different reasons. Some rooms get more use than others and those rooms we know very well. My childhood home had one “off limits” room we used only for guests. Most of us have “off limits” spaces in our inner world…

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Parts of a Whole

You know how frustrating it is when you start focusing in on one or two things about yourself or someone else you despise. It can consume your entire day, week or life….right? It’s as if that ONE thing is the ONLY thing that matters or that defines you or that other person! It’s NOT! Each…

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