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What’s Your Immovable Mountain?

We have all had a mountain at one time or another that would not move whether that mountain was a destructive habit, addiction, negative self-talk, high anxiety, financial problems, weight issues, relationship failures, physical and emotional pain, etc. Our mountain causes us to focus on IT and obsess at how awful it is to live…

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What Have You Built?

Storms rain down on all of us at times and if our house is built on solid rock, we can weather those storms and come out even stronger, but if our house built on sand, we can feel buried by the storm. What have you built for yourself to weather your storms? What is your…

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No one escapes the blues. No matter how many blessings we have, the blues can hit anytime, anywhere and for any reason. No one, on earth, has all the answers to fix every problem when we are feeling the blues. Sometimes this dilemma can feel overwhelming. What’s a person to do in this situation? Talk…

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